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showering a horse

Hot horse showers, especially the products of the portable variety, are taking the equestrian world by storm. 

5 Simple Reasons to Pick a Hot Horse Shower

1. Pleasant Experience

Your horse will never have to experience a cold bath again! Just think of this. All those times you cringed as your horse cringed while you were giving it a bath with cold water. Yikes! If you do not like taking cold baths or showers, just think about what your horse thinks. A portable hot shower allows you to give your horse a long luxurious cleaning all year long. 

2. Keeping Warm

Along those lines, using a hot horse shower will keep your horse warm when the weather is cold, reducing the possibility of your equine becoming chilled. No more giving your horse a bath with cool or cold water, drying it off with towels or even using a hair dryer, then putting on wool coolers until they are dry. What an uncomfortable experience for your horse to endure.

3. Portability & Mobility

With a portable horse shower, you can bring it with you just about anywhere, especially when you do not have access to warm or hot water. These showers are durable and safe to use, providing you and your horse with an endless supply of warm/hot water in the barn, at a show site, while camping – just about anywhere. 

4. Relaxes Sore Muscles

Using a shower will definitely relax your horse’s sore muscles. Just think how grateful they will feel after a rigorous workout, a long day on the trail or the hunt field, or after a day of showing. There is nothing like a warm shower to loosen muscles and relax the body.

5. A Horse That is Sparkling Clean

And, you can keep your horse sparkling clean every single day and not just for horse shows! Dust, dirt, mud, manure, and sweat are all things of the past now that a daily shower with warm water is part of your regular routine.  Many hot horse showers are easy to hook up. Typically all you need is a garden hose to connect to a water supply and a power source. Hot horse showers run off of electricity, battery power, or gas such as propane. 

Horse owners who have purchased these showers are quite glad that they have added this product to their grooming toolkit and wished that they had done it sooner. Clean happy horse equals happy rider, happy owner!

Horse Shower Kit (As Shown Above)

A hot horse shower, together with the trolley to make the shower portable can be purchased directly from our store.


Cathy Nicholson-Pike

Cathy Nicholson-Pike said:

Only electric shower wanted .

Alice Ford

Alice Ford said:

Hi looking for a electric horse shower small yard

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