Fyna Lite Trolley for Eccotemp L5 Portable Gas Shower


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This trolley has been specifically designed to fit the Eccotemp L5 Portable Gas Shower.

Sprayer Pack: High quality reinforced hose for hot water, fitting and sprayer pack can be purchased together with the trolley. 

Simply pop the portable shower and its attachments onto the top of the trolley, and easily slot your gas bottle underneath and away you go! No more struggles with trying to wash the far side of your horse when you can’t quite reach, or having your equine friend stand on the hosepipe trailing along the floor, conveniently cutting off the water you’re using to wash him. 

Tough, durable and fully portable, this Fyna Lite shower trolley is convenient, easy to use and makes the perfect addition to your stable. 

Important: The trolleys are made to order and will take 2 - 4 weeks to be manufactured.

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