ChickenGuard ASTiE Electric Powered Chicken Door Opener


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The ASTiE Electric Powered Opener by ChickenGuard gives you the option of running directly on electricity or on battery-power. The door-closed indicator is easily visible up to 100 metres away. Its all-in-one design does not require complicated cabling or wring. Simply install the control box in the front of your chicken coop, program door opening and closing times, and you are finished! Manually override the system with the press of one button. All buttons are extra large for both easy reading and to control when wearing winter gloves! The fail-safe mode gives you piece of mind.

This door opener has a 1kg/2.2 lb door lifting capacity. Allow for a longer lead-time for product delivery, as this product is made-to-order. Comes with full 2-year warranty.

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