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Fyna Lite Heavy Duty Floor Scraper (120 cm)


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Have you ever had to deal with cleaning out an old stable, or perhaps you have a horse that destroys their bedding day in and day out? Well, here’s the solution to getting rid of those yucky and stinky floors! The heavy-duty floor scraper from Fyna Lite is the perfect choice for cleaning plain concrete, or rubber matted floors thoroughly - and ultimately will save you money on wasted bedding, but also on time spent mucking out! We’ve all been in the situation where we’re trying fervently to sweep and sweep and sweep our precious horses muck and pee laden floor, oftentimes you have to resort to washing the stable out with soap and water. In the winter though, that can be incredibly dangerous for your horse as they could slip and fall if the floor hasn’t been able to dry fully. With this floor scraper, it is perfectly designed to cut off that layer of dirt without damaging your floor or rubbing. Made from heavy-duty components, this will stand up to large yard use, and comes with a 120cm hardwood handle! Use every day, or as part of your weekly deep clean routine, and with a time of only minutes to clean out one horse sized box, you'll save time on sweeping out stables!

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