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Fyna Lite Spruce Weeda / Weeding Brush (120 cm) - Remove Weeds, Moss


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For the garden proud country person, getting down on your hands and knees to pull up weeds can cause serious back pain, and using a tool to do the job can sometimes damage the plants that you want to encourage to grow. But fear not green-thumbed weed warrior, because together with Fyna Lite, we have the solution for you - and it’s called a weeding brush! I know what you’re thinking - what the heck is a weeding brush - well simply put, it’s a small wire brush that grabs and pulls up unwanted plants when they’re in their infancy without damaging the surrounding deep-rooted plants. With the Fyna Lite Spruce Weeda, gardening will be quick work, and become a joy again! Now you can spend your time enjoying your garden, and grow it even more - without wasting your time taking care of the plants that you don’t want!

  • Handle material: Spruce.
  • Handle height: 130 cm.

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