Should You Choose a Cowgirl, Safari, or a Bush Hat?

At Equestrian Co. we know that comfort and style are key considerations.
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At Equestrian Co. we know that comfort and style are key considerations. We all love the countryside, we all love getting out in nature, but we also know that we’re only going to get out there when the circumstances are good, the timing is right, the company is fun and our clothing and accessories are up to the job. Our range of women’s leather cowboy hats, safari and Australian bush hats by Rogue are of the finest quality and style. Made with exceptional materials with time honoured craftsmanship; these hats deserve a place in your wardrobe.

Cowboy hats might not be your first choice, maybe you’ve tried one on before, and it didn’t look quite right. Please believe us when we say that a well-designed crown (the top of the hat) makes all the difference to how the hat sits. A well-designed brim (the part that stands out under the crown) can change a person’s face and do its job incredibly effectively.

Not to mention, we stock only the finest designs. These hats are all designed by craftsmen, skilled at and taking pride in their craft. Getting the crease just right in the crown is an important design element and rolling the brim makes all the difference. Internally, all hats are finished with a simple sweatband that helps to stabilise the hat during use, and the icing on the cake for each - a decorative hat band. For the people in the know, a ladies cowboy hat is a wonderful partner on country pursuits in the UK.

They might have started life over in the States, but they more than deserve their place on our shores. A good hat will be a formidable ally during rainstorms, the brim serving as a useful funnel, protecting the wearer’s face from the rain but with a well-placed dip of the head, all rain that collects is easily got rid of.

Hats designed for warmer climes are a wonderful invention, keeping the hot sun off of your head but with the specially designed mesh, they allow the perspiration that forms on your head to evaporate and the cooling airflow over your head is a simple pleasure on a hot day.

Australian bush hats have served their partners well for many years through heat and cold, wet and dry. Whichever style you choose these rugged, outback and western hats are ideal for days spent outdoors in the sun or snow. Winter warriors will love the leather designs, you know what they say, warm heads, warm hearts.

Don’t ever let yourself be held back by chilly weather again. Do you have a favourite headscarf? A little pop of colour underneath your hat looks cool, and if you choose a non-slip material, the fabric will give your hat some traction, especially helpful on a windy day. It must be said, however; these hats can absolutely be worn in the wind, you will get to understand your hat and how to tilt your head slightly according to the direction of the wind.

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