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Welcome To Equestrian Co.

Here at Equestrian Co, we stock everything you need for your country lifestyle, from the most rugged and hard wearing clothing and accessories to the latest equipment needed for the yard or garden.

We have a selection for people like you, who treat the outdoors as their second home, who wouldn’t feel right if they didn’t get to scratch a dog behind the ears or pick up a sweeping brush or just interact with nature on a daily basis.

We all have busy lives, and all of our lives don’t necessarily revolve around the countryside, but the most important part does. The world is a pretty amazing place, and we want to make it easy for you to live as much of your life out there as possible.

Our business has been built on our love for the great outdoors, exceptional quality and service, and our commitment to offer only the best country clothing and accessories and we refuse to settle for anything less.

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The Great Outdoors

Our equipment is made from only the finest materials features the latest designs and time-saving innovations.

Our clothing and accessories are made of the toughest cotton, the most premium leather and the finest woollen fabrics. 

We love horses as much as you do and it is this love that has inspired our business. Obviously, we have a great equestrian range! If you are looking for hard wearing but comfortable gear to wear down on the stable yard, have a look at our selection.

Designed to stand up to the rigours of country life, our range of gilets, jackets, coats, hats and boots are perfect for the job, and they look wonderful in a casual or work setting.

Our equestrian range is also home to products designed to make life with your horses easier. Can we assume you don’t have a horse because you like mucking out? If you have the right tools for the job, all jobs are easier.

Our Collection

We have trialled and tested countless products before we will stock them, only the best are featured here. They have to be durable, functional, efficient, hardworking and attractive, a bit like us really.

We can help you equip the yard of your dreams. If you want a Pinterest ready yard and stables, you need to start making your selection now. From Hotline electric fencing to Fynalite forks & trolleys.

We know what it’s like to go to the country shows or the bigger horse shows. These events are exciting, but oh my goodness, they are hot in the summer and cold in the spring, autumn and winter!

Our country range is really every country sports enthusiasts dream. From Walker and Hawkes tweed jackets and waistcoats to breeks and hats. 

Our range is stunning in its classic good looks and hard wearing capabilities, guaranteed to be your reliable and loyal companions for adventures in the countryside. 

Whether your passion is for shooting, fishing, hunting or hiking our outerwear is designed for functionality, comfort, wind and waterproof qualities and of course, cooling features in the summer and warmth for the rest of the year. 

There are so many other facets to country life, whether it be keeping rare breed sheep or enjoying the relaxing British tradition of gardening, we hope you will find what you need. If we’ve missed something from our selection, we would love it if you would tell us.

Chickens are really gaining in popularity, more and more people are keeping them. They are not only a great provider of the great British breakfast, but they are also wonderful stress relievers. Check out our growing range of poultry products for your ‘girls’.

8 Reason to Shop With Us

We understand the kind of items you need, and we compete on price with any of the stalls you will find there. You can buy online from us and have it delivered to your door, no carrying heavy bags around the show.

Don’t forget, we have:

1. The Best Price Guarantee
2. 24 Hour Dispatch Times
3. Free UK Mainland Delivery
4. Expedited Delivery Available
5. Hassle-Free Returns
6. 5 Star Customer Support
7. Secure Shopping (PCI DSS Compliant)
8. Thousands of Happy Customers

We never buy lower quality items in to tempt you through our doors, Our name is synonymous with luxury products you can trust, and we guard our reputation fiercely. 

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