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Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Gas Hot Water Horse / Equine Shower & Water Heater

£199.00 £154.99

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The Eccotemp L5 portable outdoor hot water horse shower and heater. The shower is safe, portable and convenient. Perfect for all outdoor activities. Super easy to use and install. 

a trolley can be purchased separately to make this unit mobile. 

Features & Details

  • Does not require an electricity source, the automatic ingition uses two "D' cell batteries;
  • The ideal operating water pressure range: 1.2 to 4 bar; 
  • Water flow of 5.7 litres per minute at the water temperature of 30° - 35°;
  • Maximum water temperature: 65°;
  • Extra efficient, up to 28 hours of hot water supply using a standard 11 kg propane gas bottle; 
  • Includes a shower head with an on/off switch;
  • Easy installation;
  • Built in safety timer;
  • Regulator: screw-on;
  • Can be used with any size propane gas bottles;
  • Garden hose adapters included;
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty;
  • The 37mbar version we sell is recommended for UK use;
  • Outdoor use only

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews

Hello sorry to say I have not been able to use as yet as I am still waiting for the sack trucks to be delivered .

Horse shower eco t5

Easy to use and set up , great purchases


It keeps coming out boiling water so hot to can't even touch the water with your hand?? Who do I speak to about this

Could you please try to turn the gas knob on the front of the unit down and turn the water knob on the front of the unit up, if it's not already on full. If that doesn't work, could you please get in touch to get your unit repaired or replaced.

Perfect I use it for dog washing outside


Works very well

Eco temp shower

This shower has been brilliant. It has transformed our outside space allowing us to wash after working rather than taking all our dirt home with us.
It has blown out once in a strong wind but so does our gas stove if it is blowy enough so not really a shock.
We have a 12v pump running off a battery and the water is from water butts.
I would happily recommend this shower.


Love this horse/ dog outdoor shower . Both the horses and dogs love it and been a life saver with all the mud we had this winter . Negatives are that the gas light goes out very easily with the slightest of wind ( mine is mounted inside) and also feel the water pressure could be better . Pressure fine for dog washing but could be stronger for showering horses ( I have good water pressure ) In order to get really warm water you have to accept a lesser water pressure as you can’t have both . Still love this product and been simple to use . Also you must ensure you drain the unit if weather freezing .

Outdoor gas shower

Brilliant wish I had bought one earlier


Shower is great but hose lasted less tha 2 hours of use and burst hose not included in warranty :(

Flame too easily blown out

Unit was bought for a Christmas gift and is a little disappointing in performance. The water is tepid (still warmer than tap water I know but doesn't work as well as needed) and the flame is constantly being blown out. For a unit intended to use outside the design to shield the performance is poor. I appreciate the H&S aspect but we have to reignite so many times when washing the horses legs that its becoming easier to use buckets. Friends have other brands which aren't this temperamental. The unit and gas are set to the max and it wasn't windy at all today but still it happened 8 times!
Can you offer any advise on how to prevent this?

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