The Ultimate Guide To Choosing the Perfect Women's Leather Holdall

Women’s leather weekend bags and holdalls are the ultimate in style and convenience
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Women’s leather weekend bags and holdalls are the ultimate in style and convenience. Large enough to be used as handy overnight bags, yet small enough to serve as lightweight hand luggage, durable and easy to clean but effortlessly elegant, a leather holdall is an essential piece of every strong independent woman’s wardrobe!

There are a number of leather holdalls for women available to buy, in a variety of styles and colours. Each leather holdall bag has its own unique features, from secret compartments to specialised straps or handles and from sleek black to rich brown. All our holdalls are designed with the modern woman in mind, so whether your style is vintage, classic or chic, the perfect ladies leather holdall is waiting for you. Browse the online shop to find your ideal leather holdall bag, including many top designs now on sale. All our bags come with free and fast delivery to mainland UK. If your bag collection already has its leather holdall quota filled, why not explore the rest of our range? Have a celebration coming up?
Enhance professional wardrobes with a women’s leather briefcase or for a chic bag perfect for every day, explore our selection of leather backpacks.

Choosing the Perfect Women’s Leather Bag

Finding the perfect women’s leather bag is all about your style and your needs. When picking your bag make sure you consider: For purpose and size, think about exactly why you need the bag. Looking for a stylish and durable overnight bag? Go for a large leather holdall. Need a smart business bag? Leather briefcases are the way to go. Want a stylish bag for everyday use? Then small leather backpacks are ideal. When it comes to choosing the colour, black, brown and tan leather all have their charms. Think about what will work best with your existing wardrobe, as well as what look you prefer. As for style, browse through the collection and explore the different styles on offer, one will speak to you.

Types of Leather Holdalls

As you browse the collection, you’ll discover a variety of different types of bag, even some Italian made bags. You might be wondering what the difference is between a leather overnight bag and a leather weekend bag, between a leather travel bag and a leather cabin bag, between a ladies holdall and a duffel bag, or just wondering which bags come with wheels. There are a lot of bags out there so, to put any confusion to bed, let’s take a look at what each bag offers.

Duffle or Duffel Bag?

Duffel bags - also known as duffel, gym, and kit bags - are a type off holdall bag that comes in a unique cylindrical shape and are ordinarily closed using a drawstring seal at the top, as opposed to a zip or strap and buckle.


A holdall is a generic term for a large bag made of cloth or leather. Holdalls are traditionally rectangular in shape with two handles for easy carrying and additional (often removable) straps to enable the user to carry the bag on their shoulder. Holdall bags generally have a zippered opening at the top and may also have wheels or a telescopic handle for further ease of movement.

Weekend or a Weekender Bag

weekend or weekender bag is a broader term for bags that are large enough to contain everything you would need for a weekend away. Medium to large Holdalls and Duffle bags would fall into this category, as would small to medium suitcases.

Overnight Bag

An overnight bag is another broader category which can include but is not restricted to holdall bags. It covers all bags that are large and convenient enough to contain everything you might need for an overnight stay, but smaller than a weekend bag! Overnight bags can include small to medium holdalls or duffel bags and small suitcases.

Best Size for The Occasion. Small, Medium, or Large?

The ladies' leather holdall is a fantastic bag. Stylish, durable, and versatile, holdall bags can be adjusted to serve almost any purpose. However, there are times when size matters and the small, medium, large and extra large holdall bags all have their advantages - and disadvantages - which make the different sizes better suited to particular roles.

Different situations will require a different size of holdall bag. While everyone packs differently, and you’re the best judge of your holdall needs, there are some common examples of occasions where a small, medium or large holdall would be better suited.

Occasion: A Weekend Away

Bag - Large Holdall
  • Pros: Large leather holdalls are still relatively lightweight and easy to carry compared to suitcases. You easily fit all the essentials for a weekend away, plus at least one extra pair of shoes, and have room to pick up the odd souvenir on your way home. 
  • Cons: This is a large holdall and won’t quite meet the cabin nag criteria on most flights, particularly budget airlines. If you only want to take carry on luggage then opt for a small or medium holdall.

Occasion - Picnic

Bag - Small Holdall
  • Pros: The sturdy but lightweight nature of small leather holdalls means you can pack all your food items and a bottle or two of wine without any fear of the bag being overburdened. You’ll be the trendiest picnickers in the park too!
  • Cons: Although you can certainly squeeze in a fair amount to eat and drink, you won’t be able to fit a whole banquet into the small holdall, and the lack of space could lead to softer items being squashed. If you’re taking a lot of food and a blanket, choose a medium holdall.

Occasion - Hike

Bag - Small Holdall
  • Pros: The lightweight bag is perfect for carrying your flask of water, suncream and a few energy bars.
  • Cons: If you’re planning a big bike, and have a lot to carry, like multiple layers, the bag could be too small, plus, the handles and off the shoulder strap aren’t always ideal for hiking, especially if it involves some climbing.

Occasion - Work

Bag - Small Holdall
  • Pros: Lightweight and smart, especially in black, you can easily carry your documents and work essentials. 
  • Cons: Depending on your job, the limited capacity of small holdalls may not provide enough space for all your work materials.

Occasion - Horse Show

Bag - Medium Holdall
  • Pros: It’s a moderately lightweight bag but big enough to carry your hat, riding gear, and essential equine attire. The material looks smart and matches your tack - not to mention, it’s durable and easy to clean. 
  • Cons: If you’ve got multiple hats, riding boots, and extra gear, the medium holdall bag may not provide enough room so opt for a large holdall instead.

What Size?


Small holdall bags are fantastic for use as hand luggage on a flight, a light overnight bag, or gym bags. Small leather holdalls are smart enough for use as a work bag, but can also be a fantastic casual bag for everyday use. Depending on how lightly you pack, small holdalls could even serve as suitcase equivalents for weekend breaks and short trips.


Medium holdall bags will usually come with a shoulder strap in addition to the traditional handles, making them easier to carry. 

Medium holdalls make excellent cabin bags and can squeeze in everything you need for a short break or weekend away without the need to check in a huge suitcase. Medium holdalls are also fantastic as overnight bags, giving you enough space to pack everything you need while remaining lightweight.


Large holdall bags make great luggage bags for week-long breaks. Although you won’t be able to use them as cabin bags, they are easy to carry, relatively lightweight, and will have room for everything you need for a short holiday. 

Large holdalls are ideal for travelling to horse shows. The additional space in a large holdall makes it easy to pack your riding hat, boots, gloves, a change of clothes or two and all the equipment you need - while also being easy to carry. The leather material makes large holdalls smart and in keeping with your tack, while also being hardy, durable and easy to clean.

Extra Large

In addition to the handles and shoulder strap, extra large holdall bags often come with wheels, making it easier to transport a heavier bag over pretty much any surface. 

Extra large holdall bags make fantastic suitcases, ideal for holidays and extended trips. The extra large holdall has ample room for plenty of changes of clothes, shoes, and all the extra bits and bobs you need for a few days or a week away.

Colour & Style

We all have our own unique style, and it’s our prerogative to show it off to the world. Embrace your look and find the holdall bag that doesn’t just suit your style, but flaunts it!

The ladies' leather holdall range includes everything from bespoke Italian bags made in Tuscany to casual chic duffel bags. Whether you want lightweight or luxury, our designer brands have mastered the art of creating bags that suit every individual style, without compromising on functionality. With top brands including Tusa, Woodland Leather, and Val Blanco incorporated into our range every taste, budget and lifestyle are catered to. 

Your perfect bag is waiting for you; you only have to look.


Perfect For: Fashionistas
As a fashionista, you are a devoted follower of fashion. Never underdressed you’ve perfected your look and are always up to date on the latest designers, styles and fashion trends. 

For fashionista’s, the black ladies leather holdall is a perfect addition to an already chic wardrobe. They say black goes with everything, so for fashionista’s with a perfected wardrobe, choosing a black leather holdall is a no-brainer. Pair with black leather ankle boots, branded jeans and a pastel coloured silk chiffon top for an effortlessly elegant look.

Practical for everything from overnight business trips to stylish weekend getaways, you can pack everything you need without compromising on style.

Elegant, sophisticated, and the ultimate accessory, black is and always will be “the new black”.


Perfect for: Country Ladies
Country ladies are used to roughing it, but that doesn't mean they compromise on looking good. In fact, even when covered in mud, country ladies somehow give off an air of poise and still manage to look glamorous, just in a more practical way.

Brown leather holdalls are perfect for country ladies. The colour both hides the wear and tear of countryside leather and compliments the greens and browns that make up most country ladies wardrobes. The tough, yet aesthetic. Leather makes the holdall hardy enough to survive country life. It’s a bag that will not only outlive the rest of your wardrobe; it will do so while looking fabulous.

For the ultimate country lady look, match you brown leather holdall with a fitted white shirt, tweed jacket, beige jodhpurs and brown leather riding boots.


Perfect for: Hipsters
Hipsters know what’s trendy, then reject the norm to form their own unique look that somehow looks effortlessly more chic than anything on the high street. Clashing colours, retro fabrics and unique clothing combinations are all just part of the alternative lifestyle where anything goes as long as it feels good to you. 

Tan leather holdalls are perfect for the modern hipster. The holdall bag sits perfectly with a hipster lifestyle, big enough for you to grab whatever you need for that spontaneous weekend in Amsterdam and light enough for you to carry your laptop or book to the nearest cafe. The tan holdall gives you all the practical perks while providing an eye-catching accessory that compliments whatever outfit you throw on.

To complete you hipster look, couple the tan holdall with brightly patterned elephant pants, a cream lace top, a retro knitted cardigan and tan roman sandals. Or don’t, you make the rules.

How to Buy a Leather Holdall Online?

Peruse and enjoy our wonderful selection of travel bags for women. Crafted from only the finest leather, travel in style and safety with your new travel buddy. If you prefer a canvas or heavy cotton option, we have those too, in amazing shapes, balanced designs and great colours. When you are preparing for travel, even just a weekend trip, we know you don’t treat it as the mundane, you’re much more likely to describe it as going on an adventure!

Planning your adventure, organising your itinerary, checking to make sure you can fit in seeing old friends and new sights are all part of the fun. The right luggage can make or break your trip. You need to know that it’s durable, roomy and long-lasting. You need to know that whatever happens out there, no matter what lets you down, your luggage won’t. Should you go for a water-resistant women’s holdall? Sturdy as a tank leather holdall?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, we wouldn’t stock anything less! If the furthest you travel is down to the gym, we have the perfect gym bags for you, plenty of room for not only your kit but also a towel, change of clothes and all manner of extras. Take a look at our range; we know you’ll get excited by the options, no matter where your travels take you. We all love our little clutches on a night out; our backpacks when climbing hills, holding hands and dog leashes.

And our duffle bags when going out to lunch. What do you do when you need a bag for some serious packing, but you don’t need a suitcase, what do you bring? A holdall. Being prepared with high-quality luggage is the deal breaker. You know when you’re waiting for that bus, at the hotel reception or on the road, a quality duffle bag, stylish weekend bag or luxury overnight bag is a consoling rock solid feature to have. If you get that part of your trip right, you can be pretty sure everything else will be good too.

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