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ChickenGuard ASTi Premium Automatic Chicken Door Opener


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Set your mind at ease with the ChickenGuard ASTi Premium Automatic Chicken Door Opener.

With a 1kg/2.2lb door lifting capacity, this door opener has low energy requirements; our popular automatic door opener operates on 4 – AA batteries for long battery life. Its configurable fail-safe mode allows you to program as to when the pop-hole door opens and closes.

Manually override the control by pressing one button. The door closes according to the programmed time, regardless of the level of light outside. Designed with almost every conceivable convenience in mind: extra large control buttons that can be operated by wearing winter gloves; a low battery warning indicator; and an integrated timer and light sensor. Easy to install, the ASTi Premium Automatic Chicken Door Opener does not require complicated wiring and cabling. Simply attach the control box to the front door of your chicken coop. Comes with a full 3-year warranty.

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Questions & Answers

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  • Hi, does the premium chicken guard also come with a light sensor as well as timer?

    That's correct. The ChickenGuard Premium can be controlled by either timer or light sensor. Both, timer and sensor are incorporated into the unit.

  • Is this the ChickenGuard made by the company of the same name in Cambridge? They dont use the ASTi bit in the name, so I'm not sure we're talking the same machine.

    Yes, it's made by the same company. They've recently simplified their product names, but we've kept the "ASTi" bit.

  • Can the unit be used to open in the morning by the timer and close in the evening using the light sensor?

    Yes, the door can be opened with a timer in the morning and closed using a light sensor in the evening.

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