Premium Automatic Chicken Door Opener
Premium Automatic Chicken Door Opener
Premium Automatic Chicken Door Opener
Premium Automatic Chicken Door Opener
Premium Automatic Chicken Door Opener
Premium Automatic Chicken Door Opener


Premium Automatic Chicken Door Opener

Set your mind at ease with the ChickenGuard ASTi Premium Automatic Chicken Door Opener.

With a 1kg/2.2lb door lifting capacity, this door opener has low energy requirements; our popular automatic door opener operates on 4 – AA batteries for long battery life. Its configurable fail-safe mode allows you to program as to when the pop-hole door opens and closes.

Manually override the control by pressing one button. The door closes according to the programmed time, regardless of the level of light outside. Designed with almost every conceivable convenience in mind: extra large control buttons that can be operated by wearing winter gloves; a low battery warning indicator; and an integrated timer and light sensor. Easy to install, the ASTi Premium Automatic Chicken Door Opener does not require complicated wiring and cabling. Simply attach the control box to the front door of your chicken coop. Comes with a full 3-year warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Mary D.
Good bit of kit

It was easier than I thought it would be to set it up. And easy enough to alter the settings. I have the 'Premium' one which gives me all the options on opening and closing times and methods that I want. have been using it for a couple of months now and so far so good!

Pete W.
Chicken gaurd

So far so good after 50 days, using it on timed operation at the moment but all's well. instructions could be a bit better. Like the manual open and close facility, usefull when cleaning out the hutch

Great product

Very happy with this product. Bought a competitor product first and this was a complimentary one to go with that. However it’s made us wish we’d gone for this one first. It’s much better and has a more sensitive and useful light setting. Plus it’s cheaper!

David J.
Excellent product

The Chickenguard is well made and easy to install, with a very straightforward configuration process. It's attached to a new marine ply door made to fit existing runners. I've only had it for a month so can't comment on battery life, but it's working perfectly, set to open at 5.30am on the timer, and closing automatically at dusk 30-40 minutes after the last hen has gone to roost.

Jane H.
Peace of mind

This door is really good, easy to set up and install and gives you complete peace of mind even though the first few nights I would check they were all in and watch the door go down, would thoroughly recommend

James A.
Works as described

Poor instructions re external power supply and menu functions

Mary B.
Great for absent minded chicken keepers

This is the third Chicken Guard I have bought and all have been reliable. All have timer or manual opening and the Premium has light level triggered closing and opening. I wasn't sure if I could trust the door to open and close at the right times and was worried that my girls would be locked out, but it is perfectly timed and adjustable to different light levels.
These Chicken Guards are a life saver and great for when I get caught up with another task and forget to put the girls away on time. I also know that they can be up and about in the unlikely event that I sleep in.
Great product.

L D.
Still building coop!

Hoping it will work well should find out soon!


This is the second chicken guard I have bought and although we haven't yet used this one I am sure it will be an equal success to the other one. Wonderful that one can leave it to automatically open and close the door at sunrise or sunset is a real boon. Would definitely recommend this product, although it seems expensive it does appear to be a thoroughly reliable well made product.

Mrs S.B.
Waste of Money

Can't get it to work on sensor or timer. Up and down buttons don't work either.
£150ish down the toilet!!!