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Hotline Battery & Solar Powered Water Pump Kit


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The most convenient, self-sufficient and reliable way to provide a large amount of livestock with fresh water with almost no additional guidance. Let the solar power do the work for you!

With increasing requirements for farmers and landowners to keep live their stock further from inland water sources, having a water pump is essential to supply your animals with needed amounts of water. Hotline, working together with such organisations as Natural England, Catchment Sensitive Farming Initiative (CFI) were set to create the system which could reliably and sufficiently supply water to a livestock when watercourses are on the other side of the fence. Unlike a simple pasture pump, this solar powered water pump can supply groups as large as 90 cattle with all they physical water requirements without any additional guidance or change of batteries, whereas traditional water pumping systems are very limited in the amount of water they can supply for your livestock.

Supplied by 12v pumping systems, this solar water pump can transfer significant volumes of water. When water levels drop, the trough is fitted with a float switch - this allows the water to reach the stock with no additional balancing tanks. This water pump comes with a 5’ steel stand and a high efficiency 30w solar panel. An additional 80w solar panel can be bought separately for tougher conditions and a larger livestock.


  • 12v Weatherproof Control Box
  • Submersible pump with 30 m cable
  • Heavy duty, powder coated Solar panel with a stand (30w)
  • 30 metre reinforced high-quality hose
  • Float switch with a 5m lead.

As water requirements vary by animal and are influenced by the temperature, humidity, and feed source - the capacity of this water pump might vary also. Knowing the fact that the majority of grazing want socially drink together, the trough size should be adjusted to that. If the head is increased, it will reduce pump outputs. For example with 10-metre head, the water pump will run at approximately 65% of its peak output. Also, the further is the pump from the water source, the smaller the output will be.

Weather conditions are also very important to run this pump kit on a solar power (other energy options are also sufficient). The output is much more likely to be higher in the summer. Also, it is recommended to recharge this for 4 hours daily. Please see the pictures below for a supply based per 4 hours a day.

Animal capacity per pump

Output litres

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