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Rogue Suede Khaki Desert Boots


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  • Fit for adventurous trails and quiet dinners and strolls, the Rogue Desert boot is multi-purpose and suitable for all occasions.
  • Take this boot with you on your travels and you'll have no need for another. The Rogue Desert Boot is smart enough to double up as evening wear and is ideal for off-the-road adventures too.
  • A lightweight crepe sole, comfortable suede uppers and high padded sides, this boot gives top quality cushion protection as you walk around.
  • This boot can be worn with a variety of garments and with or without socks. Designed with comfort, style and functionality in mind, the Rouge Desert Boot has it all.
  • Popular in the UK especially in Spring/Summer, this boot is a clear investment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marvellous Boots !

Bought these for safari in Botswana they were SO comfortable they were the only shoes I wore for a fortnight

Could be better fitting

Not the best fitting shoes. Have had to cut a piece off the back that digs into my ankle. The one shoe is fine , just wish the other one was the same. They will both eventually be very comfortable just rather bizarre. Have had a very good fitting Rogue shoe before and another really bad fitting one before so think you gotta make sure they fit well otherwise send them back.

Very inflexible and uncomfortable

These are the most uncomfortable desert boots I’ve ever owned (and i’ve Been wearing desert boots for over 50 years). They’re very hard and inflexible especially at the high back and the cushioning there has been of no use in stopping constant blisters to the extent that I can’t wear them any more. Definitely not recommended

Great pair of shoes

These shoes are great, they are made out of a high quality suede and they are also very comfortable.

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