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How to Choose & Install Electric Fencing for Horses

Electric fencing is one of the most cost-efficient and flexible ways to fence horses.

The Guide to Choosing The Best Solar Powered Electric Fence Energiser

Everyone likes to think they are doing amazing things for the environment. Turning to solar power can be a wonderful resource alternative to help power through your everyday obstacles—even when it comes to something of a tradition as keeping in livestock. 

The Difference Between Electric Fence Connectors, Tensioners & Joiners

You may have the perfect electric fence tape (or wire, or rope), the sturdiest electric fencing posts, the safest insulators, the most accurate electric fence tester, a great fault finder and a backup meter or indicator to boot, but unless you invest in the reliable joints that keep your fence in one continuous electric system, that powerful voltage isn’t going anywhere.

How to Test an Electric Fence? Choosing The Best Electric Fence Tester

Now that you have your electric fence tape set up, your insulators in place, and your electric fencing posts standing sentinel against wandering farm residents, it’s time to think about an electric fence tester.

Common Electric Fence Earthing Problems

Whether you are erecting your electric fence using electric fence stakes, or onto your existing permanent fence stakes with insulators, it is important to make sure the tape, wire or rope has the right tension for it to be effective, using the relevant tensioners for your choice of cable. 

Where to Buy Electric Fence Accessories?

Now that you know what type of fence you want and have settled on insulators, live materials, and fence posts, it’s time to think about the little things, those electric fence accessories

The Ultimate Guide to Electric Fence Insulators

We’ve all heard the time-old lesson that there’s more to something than meets the eye, but the electric fence insulator brings that theoretical adage to life. Although electric fence insulators look like small components in the framework of an entire electric fence system, these little pieces of equipment are the key to keeping your farm residents in their home fields. 

How to Install Electric Fence Gates and Handles?

Before installing your electric fence, you will need to plan not only the area you are covering, and whether you are going to use electric netting or electric fence tape, rope or wire, or but also where the entrance gate needs to be. 

The Differences Between Electric Fence Tape, Wire and Rope

Electric fencing is a quick and affordable method of containing horses and other livestock

How to Choose & Install Electric Fence Posts for Horses?

When building electric fencing for horses many things have to be considered - from the area which is going to be covered to the smallest clips and insulators which would fit the fencing best.