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Depending on the animal you own, heights of the fence posts needed can vary. When installing the fencing and taking care of the height of fence posts, jumping and crawling capabilities of the animal have always to be taken into consideration. Not to mention, it is crucial to consider the conditions of your local area and what kind of externalities might occur there.

5ft (1.5 m) Posts

These posts are the most suitable for ensuring the security of horses, ponies and deer as these majestic creatures are rather large, strong and not to mention have great jumping capabilities. A post of this size will make an idea of escaping almost impossible. The 5 feet electric fence posts are usually made from wood or plastic with glass fibre. The latter material is more convenient and is more popular between horse lovers than wood, as the fencing can be easily moved around and distances of tape or rope on the post itself can be adjusted with no additional hassle. 5ft height posts, as being the tallest posts available are usually the most expensive ones compared to other heights, but for people who are keeping horses, they are essential to ensure the best security possible. Usually, 150 cm posts are considered as electric fence posts for horses, but the posts can also be used for other livestock such as cattle and cows, especially if they are kept in the areas where unwanted guests such as foxes, or in the pastures which are set up on surface full of hills.

4ft (1.20 m) Posts

Electric fencing posts of this height are mostly used for animals such as cows, cattle, goats, and sheep, these animals are not as likely to jump out as horses could and are not as tall, which naturally leads to the need of smaller electric fence posts needed. These posts are not as expensive as larger posts and are most frequently made from various materials such as PVC, plastic and plastic coated with glass fibre. Will serve great for the pastures even in the uneven terrains!

3ft (1 m) Posts

These posts are perfect for animals such as poultry, boars and dogs! Electric fence posts of this height come in a variety of materials and shapes - you can choose from metal, PVC, coated steel, plastic and plastic with fibreglass. There are a variety of shapes with different features which are very popular in this height - plain posts, zigzag posts, pigtail posts which all have the features of their own to ensure convenience and safety of your stock in one or the other way. Usually, the electric fence posts of this height are the cheapest and easiest to manage and move around, however they are suitable only for relatively small animals.

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