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Coloured Posts Explained

Electric fencing not only can protect your horses, livestock and gardens but also can elevate the look of your facade. It can be done by choosing the plastic electric fence post of your desired colour! There are a variety of colours available for different purposes - as to match with the colour of the fence itself, match the electric tape used or to increase visibility.


Nothing screams classic more as a white fencing for a horse paddock. This colour is popular not only for that polished American dream ‘’white picket fence’’ look but also as it is highly visible both for horses and people. Even though white fence line is more popular in America than it is here in the UK, white electric fence posts are still in high demand due to their visibility. 


Another very popular colour which blends perfectly with the facade and is frequently bought to discreetly match with already situated fence-lines. This colour is easier to maintain in terms of cleanliness and it makes space fenced appear a little bit bigger visually.


The most popular colour amongst garden and pond keepers. This colour is neutral and blends in well with the greenness of the garden. 

Pink, Orange and Blue

For those who are more daring and want their fences to look more eye-catching, or match them to the tape colours, electric fence posts of colours like blue, pink or orange might be the right solution.

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