12+ Tips for First Time Horse Owners

First Time Horse OwnersOne of the most exciting events in life is owning your very first horse! The excitement of taking care of a very special animal, riding and training your horse, going on trail rides, watching it frolic in the pasture, or just hanging out with your horse in its stall provides you with one of the most unique human-animal bonding experiences in the world.

As a first time horse owner, you want to be prepared to make sure that your horse stays healthy and leads a long, full life. Whether you keep your horse at home or board it at an equestrian facility, your horse will require some things every single day. The proper feed (e.g., grain, hay, etc.) fed two or three times a day along with the availability of fresh water at all times. Daily cleaning of its stall is a must as is daily turnout so that your horse can have time to just be a horse outside, in the sunshine, with plenty of grass. And, daily grooming with the correct grooming tools will ensure that your horse always looks its best.

Depending upon your horse, it may need to be ridden or driven every day or several times a week. On the days when your horse is not ridden or driven, your horse should be exercised by lunging. You'll find a wide range of lunging equipment on our website. 

Safe riding and driving requires tack and equipment that is in excellent condition and cleaned on a regular basis. When cleaning your tack, take time to look for any stitching that may be unraveling as well as wear and tear which may require fixing or replacing. Doing this will help you and your horse enjoy a safe ride or drive.

What you do with your horse – riding, driving, and/or showing – will determine the type of clothing and equipment you will need. You will need to wear a safety-approved helmet for many equestrian disciplines. Riding gloves, breeches or jodhpurs, tall boots or paddock boots with half chaps, and a comfortable shirt and jacket are the standard equipment and clothing. You may also need to have spurs and a riding crop.

If you and your horse live in a cooler or cold climate, your horse may need several types of blankets or rugs to keep warm. A light stable blanket is used when the weather is cool, if your horse has been body clipped, and to keep your horse clean while it is at a horse show. A turn out blanket or rug is put on your horse when the weather is colder and your horse is spending time outside. There are also various weights of horse blankets that you can purchase for any type of weather. In addition, a sweat sheet or cooler will come in handy if your horse is sweaty after a workout.

Also, it is a good idea to have one or two halters or head collars with one or two lead ropes so that you can take your horse in and out of its stall, walk it in and outside, onto and off of a trailer or horsebox, or anytime you want to lead your horse somewhere. Having two of each is a good idea should one break.

All of this equipment and clothing will make being a first time horse owner a safe and exciting experience. And, you can find everything you need right here in our catalog, so start shopping!

Tips for First Time Horse Owners

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Little Viking Horse

Little Viking Horse said:

Or you could buy a native hardy horse or an Icelandic horse who can live out 24/7 with out a need for stables or rugs and save a lot of time and money. You do have to be prepared to ride a very muddy horse!

Warning: Icelandic horses are very collectible, one is rarely enough!


Hillary said:

Great advice! The initial cost is just the beginning! Keeping your horse healthy can keep the costs down too. Know your horse and you’ll know what you’ll need with their equipment . As an equestrian make sure to think safety first!

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