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5 Simple Reasons to Pick a Hot Water Horse Shower

1. Pleasant Experience

Your horse will never have to experience a cold bath again! Just think of this. All those times you cringed as your horse cringed while you were giving it a bath with cold water. Yikes! If you do not like taking cold baths or showers, just think about what your horse thinks. A portable hot shower allows you to give your horse a long luxurious cleaning all year long. 

2. Keeping Warm

Along those lines, using a hot horse shower will keep your horse warm when the weather is cold, reducing the possibility of your equine becoming chilled. No more giving your horse a bath with cool or cold water, drying it off with towels or even using a hair dryer, then putting on wool coolers until they are dry. What an uncomfortable experience for your horse to endure.

3. Portability & Mobility

With a portable horse shower, you can bring it with you just about anywhere, especially when you do not have access to warm or hot water. These showers are durable and safe to use, providing you and your horse with an endless supply of warm/hot water in the barn, at a show site, while camping – just about anywhere. 

4. Relaxes Sore Muscles

Using a shower will definitely relax your horse’s sore muscles. Just think how grateful they will feel after a rigorous workout, a long day on the trail or the hunt field, or after a day of showing. There is nothing like a warm shower to loosen muscles and relax the body.

5. A Horse That is Sparkling Clean

And, you can keep your horse sparkling clean every single day and not just for horse shows! Dust, dirt, mud, manure, and sweat are all things of the past now that a daily shower with warm water is part of your regular routine.  Many hot horse showers are easy to hook up. Typically all you need is a garden hose to connect to a water supply and a power source. Hot horse showers run off of electricity, battery power, or gas such as propane. 

Horse owners who have purchased these showers are quite glad that they have added this product to their grooming toolkit and wished that they had done it sooner. Clean happy horse equals happy rider, happy owner!


The ability to have a continuous stream of hot water outside all year round is not to be underestimated, no matter what the weather we all have to get out there, and exercise our horses.

Many of you will know that leaving a horse sweated up after exercise is in fact incredibly dangerous for their health, but now we’re proud to introduce an outstanding range of lightweight and portable gas powered showers that you can utilize on even the coldest of days.

And guess what, because you’re using hot water, all you need to do is make sure that you throw a cooler over your horse as soon as you’re done giving them a horse wash - and they’ll dry off in no time, staying happy, healthy, and ready for their haynet!

Not only can this incredible gadget be used as a hot horse shower, but for ponies, donkey, and even the pesky dogs that always end up covered in mud can get in on this dog shower action too.

Ideal for yards without power, or for areas that are inconveniently far away from the nearest power sockets, our range of showers from Eccotemp are mobile thanks to the Fyna Lite trolleys, and can be taken with you anywhere in the great outdoors and help to keep it clean, even in the dead of winter.

Having hot water on the go isn’t just good for washing down your horses post exercise, but for washing off legs of retired oldies, or youngsters that have yet to start their ridden careers.

Mud fever is a serious health concern that all equestrian owners have to deal with in some way during the winter months, specifically during camp weather, and leaving your horses with mud on their feet is just asking for bacteria to cause the painful condition to attack.

You can never be too careful, so if possible we’d suggest booting up and washing legs regularly! And heck, I’ve even found an amazing use for this shower, and it’s called - warmed colic-free water!

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I’m outside in the winter doing the horses, the last thing that I want is a glass of cold water with ice cubes! So, why should I give that to my horses? Not to mention drinking icy water can cause colic which can be deadly.

Instead of risking the health of your big four-legged friends, why not switch on the hot water and warm up everyone's water to a tepid temperature, this is also a great way to encourage hydration in the winter months!

Back to what this is designed for though! The mobile shower (Eccotemp L5) unit is safe, durable and no fuss, you can now finally have a hot horse shower wherever and whenever you want, whether it’s over at your winter grazing, or at a horse show!

Powered by bottled propane gas, that’s how these little beauties are able to work without the need for a mains power connection, making these the perfect choice for so many locations.

The propane gas bottles that these showers fit are universal and can be purchased throughout Europe, so no need to worry about showing in mainland Europe and running out - this is your regular motorhome gas canister!

Practical and with inbuilt safety features, now there is no excuse not to shower your four-legged companions, even on the snowiest of winter days.

Horse Shower Reviews

Eccotemp L5 Outdoor Gas Shower

  • WEIGHT 6.6kg (excl gas tank - not included)
  • PORTABLE Yes when used with a trolley!
  • WARRANTY One year
  • WHY WE RECOMMEND Quick and easy installation!


The L5 outdoor gas shower from Eccotemp is one of the most efficient showers out there, with the highest energy rating of A!

This portable and lightweight unit is the ideal horse wash for the competitive horse rider, roll into the horsebox or trailer and secure with bungee cords while in transit.

One thing to remember is that the shower doesn’t come with a trolley or gas canister, so you’ll need to consider that to avoid disappointment on the day of arrival.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Highly efficient
  • Hose adaptors included
  • Gas powered
  • Does not require mains connectivity


  • Not suitable for indoor use without adaptation
  • Does not come with a trolley
  • Does not come with a gas canister

Portable Horse Shower Uses

Horse Washing

When you think of a horse shower, your mind will likely go straight to washing your horse - but they come in handy for a bunch of reasons!


Of course one of the most obvious uses for a hot wash is bathing your horse in the winter without having to worry about them getting a chill! One of the most significant benefits of using hot water when washing your horse on a cold day is that they will dry incredibly quickly.

Top Tip - Immediately after washing, use a sweat scraper to remove excess water - then throw on a full neck waffle cooler! If the weather is especially freezing, you can also stuff the cooler with dry straw to help remove the moisture faster, or stand them in a solarium and give them a haynet to keep them happy!

Rinsing After Exercise

We all worry about working our horses up to a sweat on icy days as they can develop a chill, but did you know that a quick rinse with warm water over the sweaty areas will result in faster drying than if you were to leave the sweat unwashed?

Washing at Shows

I have had the not so fun experience of having to go into the show ring with a dirty horse due to all of the wash racks being constantly in use. Going into the ring not feeling 100% your best can throw off your game, so having your own wash with you can be a godsend - and help you win some extra points for appearance!

Injury Rehabilitation

Tendon injuries are an unfortunate reality, you don’t have to have a Showjumper or Reining superstar to go through tendon rehab with your horse - and while hosing off the area is excellent for relieving inflammation - ice cold water can make for a very grumpy patient.

Using tepid water will not only make your possible month's long box rest far less traumatic for your horse but can aid in recovery time!

Dog Washing

Sure this might be made for horses, but this works just as well as a dog shower too! And is it just me, or is this a far better option than trying to get Fido to sit calmly in the bathtub and not jump out and ruin your nice clean carpets?!


Loading up the car for a long weekend of camping?! Well then, why not add a dash of glamping into the mix and pop the horse shower in the car. Trust me, after a long day of hiking; you’ll thank me for the recommendation!

Types of Portable Water Heaters for Horses

Deciding between gas or electric hot wash units depends on your preference, and whether you’ll be using the shower indoors or outdoors, and whether you’d like a permanent or mobile shower. Let’s run through some of the pros and cons of each option!

Electric Horse Showers

For many, they prefer the convenience of plugging into a power socket; however electric hot showers have been known to use masses of electricity which can drive up your next electricity bill.

And ordinarily, it’s not as simple as plug and play - so if you’re buying an electric shower be prepared to call out the electrician if you’re not handy with wires!

One of the biggest pros of electric washers is if you’re looking for a fixed unit - once it’s all connected, you don’t need to think about it again, and notably - you don’t have to remember to replace gas canisters!

Gas (LPG) Showers

Gas showers cannot be used indoors as a mobile unit due to the fumes that the gas gives off which are not safe for you to be around, or for the other horses in the barn.

You can, of course, fit a vent when using indoors - but that will turn your horse wash into a stationary piece of kit rather than a mobile unit which can be rolled from barn to barn.

One of the best things about gas powered showers is that they’re incredibly economical, and last for a very long time indeed!

Your portable gas powered shower can provide almost thirty hours of hot water on one single (11kg) gas canister - not bad ey!

Guide to Selecting The Best Horse Shower

Choosing the best portable horse shower for your needs depends on a few criteria, the number of horses you plan on washing, and the facilities of your yard.

Let’s run through some of the most common questions you should be asking before deciding on the right hot wash for your equine buddy.

Decide Between Portable or Fixed

Do you need to have a mobile unit? Or will a wall fitted shower be a better fit for you?
Well, it all depends on whether you actually need a mobile unit. For the keen rider who enjoys hacking out daily, and schooling in the arena at home occasionally - then you might find that a fixed unit works just fine for you.

If you’re the owner of a large equestrian facility, then you might find that a portable unit might be better, that way you don’t need to move horses from their barns into one wash area every time that they need a quick warm rinse. Instead, just roll this from stable block to stable block as you go!

And for the avid competitor, you’ve likely had to wait in that very long queue of horses needing a wash at a showground - they never seem to have enough wash racks do they?!
Well, now you can avoid that waste of time and the risk of your horse getting a chill while waiting in line by just tying them to your horsebox or trailer and washing them off immediately after riding!

Indoor or Outdoor?

Many people don’t realise that gas-powered portable showers are only suitable for outdoor use; they can be used indoors, but this will have to be fitted as permanent fixtures as you’ll have to build a vent for fumes to be released.

Electric showers can easily be used indoors, either as a permanent fixture - or as mobile units by attaching to a trolley and merely plugging in when you’re ready to bathe your horse.

If your yard happens to have a covered area with open walls, this is the ideal wash zone, as you’ll be somewhat protected from the elements and not have to worry about the logistics of either indoor or outdoor - as you’ll be a bit of both!

In my experience, washing indoors - unless in a wash rack can be dangerous during a cold UK winter as the water on the floor may turn to ice unless you also happen to have a wash rack/solarium.

Top Tip - it’s incredibly easy to make your own solarium to dry your horses off after a bath! Ideal for older horses or those with preexisting injuries that become stiff when cold. Go on, treat your horse like the king he is with a homemade solarium!

Do I Need a Trolley?

This entirely depends on whether you opt for a permanent or portable unit. For those of you who would like to have portable horse shower - then yes! You’ll need a trolley to move your washer from A to B.

Some horse owners utilise a combination method, placing the shower on a fixed bracket during the offseason, and then fitting to a trolley during show season to quickly bring in the horsebox or car!

Hot shower trolleys are usually incredibly lightweight, similar in construction to tack trolleys, they will ordinarily have a bracket at the top to mount the shower to, and then have room for a gas canister at the base of the trolley.

Top Tip - Most trolleys are designed for specific gas canister sizes, and buying a different size could be dangerous as your gas bottle won’t be secure while in use.

Do I Use a Tank or Mains Water?

The majority of the time showers for horses are designed to be connected to mains water; this is due to the volume of water that it generally takes to wash an animal that’s pretty close to the size of a Hippo!

Although - it is sometimes possible to use barrels of water with a water pump if you don’t have mains water connectivity at your yard.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a tap right by your wash area, or while at a horse show as most powered showers attach to a hose making it far easier to wash your horse entirely wherever you want!

Top Tip - If you’re heading to a show, it’s worth bringing your hose pipe with you just in case there isn’t one available at the equestrian facility that you’re visiting.

What About If I Have Multiple Horses?

When you’re looking through the numerous options of horses showers for sale, the number of equines you have in your care shouldn’t make a massive difference to your decision.

But I would say that it's important to look for a product with a warranty - not only in case it breaks, but I have always found that companies who provide guarantees - do so as they’re confident in the quality of their products!

What About When I Want to Cold Wash?

On a gloriously hot day, you’ll likely want to give the horses a little relief by washing them off with a cold wash, well before you get the hosepipe out, you’ll be pleased to hear that most powered horse showers work in a very similar way to the human variety.

Meaning that you can adjust the temperature from cold to hot and anything in between! Not to mention, you get the added benefit of an attached shower head which not only provides the extra pressure to get all of the grease and grime off of your horse's skin and coat.

But it also means that you can stand a little further back and not get soaked when it’s supposed to be your horse getting a wash, not you!

How to Choose The Best Equine Shower

My not so secret “secret” for spending more productive time with my horses is to utilise gadgets, and my favourite must-have item that saves me time is the portable horse wash that I can even bring to shows with me.

You might be wondering how this could save time, well let me break it down for you - on boiling hot summer days (the few that we usually have in the British summer!) yep you can spray your horses off with a hose and throw them into the stable without a seconds thought.

But on colder days, especially in the dead of winter when it's cold enough to... make your bones feel chilly - you could be risking your horse's health by bathing him in cold water.
A chill can quickly turn into colic, and we all know how dangerous that can be.

I mean, come on - we’ve all seen that scene in Black Beauty haven’t we? Nobody wants to go through that with their horse.

With affordable and portable horse showers, you don’t have to worry about working your horse enough to sweat during the winter - meaning that you’ll definitely be ready to wipe the board when next show season rolls around!

Horse lovers, we’re a breed of our own, aren’t we?! We love our big four-legged fluffy friends more than any non-horse person could possibly understand. But while non-horse folk might see buying a horse shower an extravagance, we know that it’s actually an investment in our horse's health, happiness, and our own time. Horse showers, especially the products of the portable variety, are taking the equestrian world by storm.

Spending your time around horses is the best way to spend your time, but sometimes it feels as though there are so many chores to do that you don’t get that much riding or bonding time with your pony - and that’s not OK. When you think about just how much money we all spend on our horsey habits, it’s essential to have the time you deserve to enjoy horse ownership - and there’s a clever hack for doing this… a horse shower. Considering buying a horse shower? Have a look at our selection of horse showers. We only stock the best horse showers that have been thoroughly tested. Bear in mind that you'll also need a high-quality trolley if you need your horse shower to be portable. Alternatively, have a look at our selection of dog showers that are more portable and have the ability to wash a horse with multiple refills.

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