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Not all hats are created equal. While the toppers we carry at Equestrian Co. may all tie in the quality department, some are created with spring summer in mind, and many for autumn and winter - when heat loss from your noggin becomes prominent.

While tweed hats are generally winter-oriented (at least when the wool content is high) and cotton hats without wax aren’t usually waterproof or insulated - thereby relegating them to summer months - waxed hats are for all seasons! Their natural ability to repel water during winter storms will help you feel secure in investing in a variety of them that you’re also comfortable wearing in those awaited British summers.

Still, many of the waxed hats for women we carry are indeed made in the splashy colours of summer while others are darker, so if you’re looking for just one to wear during a particular time of year, let’s quickly run through the most appropriate hats for each season.


We carry a ton of beautiful Walker & Hawkes baseball caps, but the ones in beige contain undertones of yellow that convey “it’s spring!” more than any other hat! If you’re looking for the most casual of the casual, the completely waxed cotton is a great choice...but if you’re seeking more pop in your step or want a laid back cap you can still dress up, let us present to the beige cap with a chocolate brown leather peak.

If you want to maximise baseball-hat-wearing-season (it’s real), we suggest that you choose more than one colour and put them on a rotation! Some of the colours are darker, so you can even rock a baseball cap into winter if you’re that dedicated!


A cowgirl or Aussie-style wide-brim hat indicates that summer is fast approaching, and when our British winter does come you can hop on a plane, head to the southern hemisphere, and wear your hat again for summer 2.0 in Australia or on an African safari! It’s a foolproof plan, but even if you’re stuck in the UK year-round, the wide-brim waxed hats by Walker & Hawkes will cheer you up.

Channel your inner adventurer or equestrian by settling for one of these hats available in brown, olive, or navy. They all contain the most elegant touch of feather detailing and will keep you shaded from the sun and protected from the rain in the event of a July monsoon! It’s so versatile; you can wear it with anything from a bikini to jeans and adventure boots!


We’re not exactly sure what it is about them, but flat caps give off such cosy vibes - no matter their colour - that this undoubtedly the perfect hat for the unbeatably cosy autumn. Warm up with your man by the sizzling fireplace knowing that you and your flat cap sizzle even more, and then head out to grab a pumpkin spice latte with the confidence that no sudden shower can touch even a single strand of your perfectly styled hair when your headgear has you covered!

Our waxed cotton flat caps come in brown, navy, and black - the perfect autumn colours, we dare say. If you really want to exude autumn vibes, throw on a maroon tweed blazer - the leaves will think you’re one of them!


Winter clothing will never be boring as long as waxed hats are around, especially those as ladylike and detailed as the ones we carry! Made from 100% cotton and waxes on the outside, our collection of brimmed hats in all colours (count them: red, beige, olive, brown, and navy) will protect you ‘do from the rain and serve as more of an eye-catcher than the twinkling Christmas lights around Londontown!

Pair a red Thelma hat - bow detailing and all - with a fancy number and high heels for your holiday party, or don a navy Windsor hat with a gorgeous olive rose around the band for a night of carolling and hot chocolate!

Where to Buy

Waxed cotton, like tweed, is native to the UK, and so it should not surprise you that - to this day - British brands carry both the highest quality and overall largest selection of waxed cotton toppers! But although so many homeland businesses market these hats, it’s hard to find event a single retailer that offers affordable, high quality, and online-available hats! As we all know, it’s always frustrating when the best hats are expensive, and the cheap ones fall apart immediately.

That’s where Equestrian Co. comes in. We are proud to say that we’ve worked hard to curate a selection of only the best brands and make them available at sale prices. Equestrian Co’s online shop makes it simple to buy your newest headpiece, and do remember that we offer free delivery to anywhere in mainland UK! Your noggin will thank you, and your locks will rest safe and shiny knowing that you’re doing your best to protect them from our famous England rain.


Here at Equestrian Co, we’re known for a few things, welly throwing competitors, country walking aficionados but our one overriding passion is country clothing, in all its many forms. Who else is going to spend so long weighing up the benefits of one waxed hat over another? Which wax? Which cotton? So, we’ve done the hard work for you; we present only the highest quality waxed and waterproof hats.

  • Highest quality cotton? Check.
  • Lots of different style choices? Check.
  • Waxed baseball cap? Check.

Do you get the idea? Our range encompasses all styles, whether you want one for shooting, hunting, country pursuits or the school run, we have the style for you.

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