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Few sights are more charming than a man in a rugged tweed hunting waistcoat, twill trousers, leather loafers and a quintessential tweed cap to go. What lady cannot resist such a stylish chap in this irresistible attire? We have an answer for you: very few! 

Gilets and waistcoats - especially in tweed - are an essential part of British culture and are perfecting for stylishly enhancing country sports, such as shooting, hunting, or equestrian pursuits. An ideal men’s tweed gilet is both beautiful and supremely practical, having been designed to give you the greatest range of motion.

Such a well-designed tweed waistcoat for men can easily be dressed up and down, for warm weather or cold winters. These kits are also very versatile - the same men's tweed waistcoat can be paired with a grey pair of snazzy shooting trousers for men for a day out in the field and worn with a sharp waxed cotton blazer for a dinner party that evening!

Although you can shop for such attire in shops, the process can be very cumbersome - high-quality traditional tweed coats for men are abundantly available online at sale prices. Our selection - which includes premium items like Walker and Hawkes gilets and men’s country blazers by Hunter Outdoor - is inexpensive but never cheap, and we handpick every garment to ensure you have a variety of tweeds, sizes, styles to choose from! An online buy gives you the added convenience of delivery right to your door, and with retailers like us, you’ll even get free postage to mainland UK!

Choosing a Tweed Waistcoat for Shooting

You might be used to putting form above fashion when searching for a suitable shooting waistcoat, but you no longer need to make any concessions to style! An ideal waistcoat for shooting - is form fitting yet flexible enough for you to comfortably manoeuvre the fields, utilising your full range of motion - but is still stylish enough that you’ll want to wear it to your dinner party too.

Pockets are vital when you’re spending your days out in the country, and it’s often cold in the fields, so choose a waistcoat with handy inner pockets, extra padding to keep you warm, useful, and either hand warmers or game pockets. You’ll want to blend in with the scenery in order to avoid detection, so look for waistcoats that blend in with the colours of the earth - shades of browns and greens are often your best bet.

Choose something not too fitted - you don’t want to feel stiff - but that does conform to your body and also allows for a little breathing room. We carry plus sizes as well, so we can truly outfit men of all shapes and sizes for their long days spent shooting!

How to Pick the Best Tweed Waistcoat or a Gilet?

Now that you know you need this new addition to your wardrobe, how do you pick just one? There are a few things to keep in mind: first, consider the occasion. Are you primarily going to be wearing this coat for a shooting competition or on days spent tottering about the garden? What about formal events, like parties or weddings?

While a day out harvesting calls for a multi-pocketed, flexible, earthy coat that will keep you comfortable and dry, if you’re intending to stay indoors, you can play with just about any hue, go easy on the pockets, or experiment with more lightweight material that has less lining!

Next, consider your style and colour preferences. Tweed comes in varieties of olive, brown, grey, green, black, tan and blue, so you have lots of options to choose from! A heavier interest in fashion can lead you to exploring avant-garde waistcoats in brighter shades, while casual fellas can opt for minimalistic gilets and country gents can stick with the fleece-lined varieties.

Where to Buy a Tweed Waistcoat in the UK?

Who has the time to traipse around shop after shop nowadays? With busy working days, and even busier weekends - instead of wasting that time that could be far better spent with friends and family - just hop online and buy your men's tweed waistcoat from Equestrian Co. With quintessentially British products made from the highest quality materials, we offer a one stop shop for the country clothing fan, and with the added benefit of offering the lowest prices year round, and free postage to Mainland UK - it really couldn’t get any better!

We carry colours from olive to charcoal and sizes from extra small to plus size, so you know you’re accessing an assorted collection when you shop for a tweed jacket and blazers with us! Because we are invested in our customers, we don’t sell just any product, oh no. Before stocking any item, we make sure to test it out thoroughly to ensure that it stands up to our quality standards.

And hey, if something does inadvertently slip through the cracks, not to worry my dear chap - as we offer free and speedy returns within Mainland UK!

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