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Horse riders, we’re a tough breed, able to carry things far heavier than the average human, withstand bitter cold, and somehow get by on the smallest amount of sleep during show season.
But enough is enough, and it’s time that we figure out some life hacks to make our lives of equestrianism not merely survivable, but thrive-able, and one huge improvement is letting our tack trolley do the heavy lifting!

What is a Tack Trolley

This marvelous invention is designed to save not only our arms and backs from lugging hundreds of pounds of equipment on a daily basis, but also saves your expensive saddle from being dragged along the floor, or dropped when your arms get too tired!

By popping your equipment on this wheelie trolley from Fynalite, you can simply tie your horse up in the cross ties, and roll this over to them!

We’ve all been in that position when you’ve got your arms full of tack, and you’re trying to figure out where to put the bridle while you pop the saddle on, or where to put the bandages so that they don’t get dirty before you have chance to put them on.

But now, finally, everything has its own space on the trolley to stay safe, secure, and clean until you’re ready for it!

What You Can Transport

Most tack trolleys consist of multiple hooks, and shelves that are specifically designed to cater to equestrian equipment.

For example, my Fynalite tack trolley has a double saddle stand (you can also get single and triple saddle holding ones!) so that you have space for at least two saddles, bridle hooks with space to hang multiple bridles, headcollars, lunge lines, etc.

If that wasn’t enough there’s also a really cool frame that is the perfect size to fit an average sized grooming kit, and a solid shelf with protective edging for your horses boots, bandages, or a snack for a quick pick me up between horses!

When You’ll Need It

Day to day on the yard it’s surprising how often you can use the tack trolley, it doesn’t have to just be for tacking up horses, I’ve used it when I’m about to go out, all dressed up and then - suddenly I remember that someone needs their rug changing.

We’ve all been there, you look great, you’re hair and mud free for once, and you’ve got to lug the big dirty, hairy rug down to the stables to make sure that Betsy is cozy as can be, well my new life hack is carefully picking up the rug and popping it on the tack trolley, then wheeling it down to the stables so that I save my outfit (somewhat).

There’s a knack to rugging a horse up without letting the rug touch you, but it can be done, and with my tack trolley it’s way easier!

On show days I wouldn’t survive without this nifty gadget, and perhaps surprisingly the stand isn’t too heavy to throw in the tack locker of the horsebox, even for me, and I’m 5ft 3" so have to pick it up over my head.

But don’t let the lightweight fool you into thinking this isn’t super sturdy, because it is! With small yet heavy duty wheels that can get through any terrain.

Making Your Life Easier

I definitely pride myself on being a tough country chick, but as I get busier and busier, I’ve come to realize that these handy gadgets such as tack trolleys aren’t “cheating” but they’re actually making me a better horse owner.

I’m saving hours every week on chores, and that time can now be spent actually riding my horses, or for the oldies just hanging out and grooming them.

The more time I’m spending with my horses, the more I see our bond growing, and that’s phenomenal for two reasons, firstly - we’re going to benefit from that in competition, and secondly - these are my horses, my family, and the better a bond we have the nicer time I have, and the nicer lives they have too!

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