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Horse being washed

Who doesn’t love a nice hot shower?! But when it comes to showering the horses, many owners, and yards reserve pony horse showers for the spring, summer, and autumn months only.

No, this isn’t because that’s the only time your equine pan needs a bath, but because without having access to a hot shower, they don’t want to run the risk of giving their horses a chill by bathing them in icy water in even icier weather.

And who can blame them, that’s not only going to make your pony pal pretty gosh darned mad at you, but you’ll freeze to death washing them - and you’ll both probably end up getting a cold - no fun.

So what’s the solution you ask? Well, fear not dear reader, for I DO have the answer and it’s easier than pie, and more convenient than fast food!

Portable Horse Showers

Portable showers are the way to go for horse owners living in colder climates, but don’t be fooled into thinking that these are only great in the winter, oh no my pony petting friend, this bad boy is going to be handy year round!

Portable Eccotemp horse showers are a dream for larger yards that have multiple stable blocks, but don’t have shower facilities at each one. Now you don’t need to drag the horses to the main block after exercise to wash off, just bring your mobile hot horse shower to the cross ties in their barn, wash em off, throw a cooler on, and put them back to bed!

For Any Sized Yard

But these aren’t just for the elite rider, they’re also the handiest dandiest piece of kit the average horse owner, if you happen to rent a few stables at a basic yard a few miles from home, riding your horse home and trying to give them a wash on the driveway isn’t always feasible, but if you grab yourself an Eccotemp L5 you can keep it in the tack room so you’re always ready to spray them off after riding, or clean off their muddy legs when you bring them in!

Hot Washing for Health

Most owners appreciate the fact that if you use hot water to wash your horse, they will dry a lot quicker than if they’ve been washed with cold water, this drying time is imperative to their health.

So, leaving a horse wet overnight on a cold winter’s evening is not a good idea, but by hot washing them, and using cooler sheets you’ll have a happy, healthy, and clean horse when you show up to the yard for feeding time in the morning!

Take it Anywhere

The L5 horse shower from Eccotemp sits aboard a Fynalite trolley, with durable construction, and all purpose tyres this tough piece of kit can get along just fine on any type of terrain, from grass and mud, to gravel and woodchip - luckily, this rolls along happily and you’re not going to feel as though you’re dragging it along begrudgingly!

Perhaps my favourite use for this shower is taking it to horse shows and clinics. Not only is it annoying having to wait in line at shows to wash your horse, but it’s also much better for them to be quickly washed immediately after exercise while they’re still running warm.

With this shower now you can have your very own personal shower for your horse, what a lucky pony you have there! And a fun idea if you’re an enterprising son of a gun, you could charge other owners to use it, or for you to wash off their horses - you might even cover your entry fees!

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